Science Stories

  • Virtual Tribbles - Creating an Online Convention

    I have committed myself to updating this blog monthly not only to share with the community what we have been up to lately, but also in order to document for Jay and for myself how we spent these crazy times. Our journey has taken a course so different from the one we originally plotted for ourselves. We are living in a time when planning, while necessary, doesn't always--or even usually--work. Things are changing now in ways we never would have imagined, and innovation is emerging from that uncertainty. I think it's important to document that for someday when we look back on 2020 in hindsight.
  • Oct. 2020 - A Behind the Scenes Look at Tribble Cosplay

    We've been celebrating Halloween all this month by dressing the Science Division Tribbles up in a different costume every day and posting it to our social media. Here's a little behind the scenes look at the creation of some of those images!

  • Star Trek: My Master Class in Humanity

    Why Tribbles? Because Star Trek. I investigate my own origin story, and the role that Star Trek played in shaping the person that I became.