Happy Halloween! - A recap of this year's October Tribble cosplays

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. You may have guessed, based on the daily Tribble cosplay costumes in the month of October. Jay and I have a great time brainstorming ideas and building props and costume pieces to bring them to life.

For those of you who may not be following us on social media, I've compiled all of this month's spooky fun right here. Tell me in the comments what you'd like to see the #TribblesInTrouble dress up as next year!

A gorn in a gorn sweatshirt holding a Giant Special Edition Silver Tribble over his head as a boulder.

1. Gorn boulder - We got the ball rolling with this photo which, to be honest, was mostly an opportunity for me to break out my Gorn mask. 


A silver Tribble dressed as a spider with 8 googly eyes.

 2. Spooky spider! - The googly eyes were my favorite touch. We balanced this Tribble on top of our Halloween spider, Leroy, who lives in front of the fireplace in October. 


A silver Tribble dressed as a king with a massive crown.
3. King - Okay, so I don't know which one of us thought it was a good idea to make a Tribble king for the day, but there were a lot of commands to fetch some kind of grain. 

A Tribble dressed as a welder with a welding helmet and gloves.
4. Welder - We put my welding helmet and gloves on a Tribble and used a flashlight to create a welding arc. 

A tan Tribble dressed as a dragon with wings, a tail, and teeth
5. Dragon - Those wings go on our dog, Moonshine, every Halloween. He generously loaned them to the Tribbles for the day. 

A sliver Tribble dressed as a mugato with a white tuft of fur and a horn.
6. Mugatu, Mugato, Gumato - Whatever they're called, they make great Tribble copslay characters! TOS-inspired costume days are my favorite days. 

A silver Tribble dressed as a Gourden gnome, with a pointy red hat, little boots, a white beard, and a whole lot of plants and gourds.
7. Gourden gnome - I grew all of the little gourds in the photo. We couldn't resist nestling a grumpy Tribble gnome in among them. 

A Giant Special Edition silver Tribble and a standard size silver Tribble stacked with a hat and a scarf to create a snowman.
8. Snowman - Okay, we might be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but they stack so well! 

A croc-odile Tribble sitting on top of a pair of crocs.
9. Croc-odile - I know, I know. It's a terrible pun, but we got a good chuckle out of it. 

A silver Tribble dressed as a scientist with black rubber gloves, a beaker, and goggles.
10. Scientist - Do you think Starfleet Command will accept this little guy into their ranks?

A tan Tribble dressed as Balok with a glass of tranya.
11. Balok - I hope you relish this one as much as I. 

A silver Tribble dressed as the Monopoly man with a top hat, white mustache, and money bag.
12. Monopoly man - Do you think there's gold-pressed latinum in that money bag? 

A giant Special Edition silver Tribble dressed as a cupcake with a paper wrapper and a cherry on top.
13. Cupcake - That's a big cupcake! This Halloween treat is 14" across. 

Tribbles messing with a mixer. One Tribble has a chef hat and a whisk.
14. Bakers - At least we know now where the giant cupcake came from. We posted this image with a TOS quote: "Aye, they're into the machinery!"

A tan Tribble threatening the Galileo shuttlecraft with a giant spear.
15. Taurean - Our Galileo shuttlecraft came under attack. I told Jay it wasn't a good idea to weaponize the Tribbles. 

A Tribble with a diamond minecraft sword facing off with a creeper as an ender dragon swoops in.
16. Steve - This Tribble got himself into a little block-based trouble. Good thing Jay made him a diamond sword! Too bad it's made out of foam. 

A silver Tribble dressed as a soccer ball out in the grass.
17. Soccer ball - We'd been kicking around this idea for a bit. 

A tan Tribble dressed as an avocado. The Tribble is the pit.
18. Avocado - We looked up Halloween pet costumes on the internet for inspiration. Apparently avocados are very popular this year. 

A silver Tribble dressed as an andorian with a white patch of hair and blue antennae.
19. Andorian - We're hoping there isn't a transmitter inside one of those antennae! 

A black and white photo of a Tribble with black braids and a crossbow.
20. Wednesday - Now here's a Tribble you don't want to cross. 

A silver Tribble with black spots, a cowbell, and a milk jug in a grassy field with a stuffed cow in the background.
21. Cow - That cowbell actually came from a cow kept by a member of my family a few generations back. But the milk jug is a Starbucks bottle. 

A Tribble dressed as a shepherd with a crook and sandals. But it's standing next to a goat.
22. Shepherd - Do you want to tell the Tribble that's not a sheep, or should I?

A silver, tan, and giant Special Edition Tribble all dressed as pumpkins with stems and draped in tiny pumpkin lights.
23. Pumpkin patch - We gathered stems that had fallen off pumpkins at our local pumpkin patch for this one. 

A Tribble wearing a hat and glasses with a fake nose and mustache.
24. Incognito - We couldn't find the Tribbles to take their photo on this day. They must have disguised themselves to escape our attention. 

A Tribble wearing a giant fire wig.
25. This Tribble is 🔥.

A silver Tribble dressed as Galt from Gamesters of Triskelion next to Dan Davidson of the Trek Geeks, also dressed as Galt.
26. Galt - We poked a little fun at our friend Dan Davidson of the Trek Geeks Podcast Network (with his permission) with this who wore it better #TrekTuesday Tribble cosplay. The jury's still out. 

A Tribble with a red ninja turtle mask
27. Ninja Turtle - This Tribble donned a ninja turtle-inspired mask to announce that we will be at Rhode Island Comic Con this year. We hope to see some of you there!

A giant Special Edition silver Tribble dressed as Thor with a massive hammer, a viking helmet, and a red cape.
28. Thor - Did you know the days of the week are named after Norse gods? We posted this marvel on a Thorsday.

A Tribble wrapped in yarn with knitting needles and a black cat on top of it.
29. Ball of yarn - The 29th of October is National Cat Day. The Tribbles wanted to help celebrate. 

A tan Tribble in a TOS red shirt enveloped in a sparkling could entity.
30. Vampire Cloud Victim - I'm a little obsessed with this re-creation of a moment from a TOS episode. 

A Tribble dressed as a monster under the bed peeking out from under a comforter with horns and a purple-spotted tail.
31. Monster under the bed - Is it just me or are the monsters a little less scary this year? For the record, that comforter has sharks all over it. Jay loves sharks. 

Be sure to post in the comments which costumes you want to see next year! 


  • Tribbles are a pest in the galaxy. Disintegration on sight.

  • Tribbles are a pest in the galaxy. Designation on sight.
  • What a challenge it is to create 31 unique Hallowe’en costumes for the Tribbles! You, two, are out-of-this-world creative!!!


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