The 56 Year Mission - Our memories from the Vendor's Room in photo form

We recently returned from the 56 Year Mission Event at Bally's, and while I think we can all agree that it was certainly different this year due to the change in venue, one thing that didn't change was the amazing time that we had seeing everyone in person and sharing our passion for one of Star Trek's most beloved alien pets.


Here's a look back at a few of our favorite moments from the Vendor's Room:


Jay and Kayleigha with Kayleigha's dad, Mike, standing together and beaming from behind the Science Division booth, which is bursting with fuzzy silver Tribbles. All three are caucasian. Mike has really short hair and is a fit middle aged man. Kayleigha and Jay are both in their thirties. Kayleigha has long brown hair and Jay has a huge fluffy brown beard. All three wear vendor badges and looked thrilled to be at the convention.
Dad was able to join us at a convention for the first time since 2019. We had a blast spending time with him and marveling at his skill demonstrating Tribbles.

Kayleigha beams from behind a mask as she clasps a fluffy silver Tribble and poses with Bobby Clark, the actor who played the Gorn, in front of a TOS Gorn poster.
I met the Gorn! Those of you who have been following us for a bit know what a huge fan I am of the Gorn. Bobby Clark is an incredible human. Whoever said not to meet your heroes clearly hasn't hung out with the Gorn.


Jay proudly displays a silver Tribble, combed carefully on top so that it's fur forms a rose-shaped design.
Jay is our Tribble grooming specialist. He keeps our fuzzy friends looking their best when they meet folks at conventions. This is a new hairstyle he developed at the 56 Year Mission. He called it The Rose.


A cosplayer dressed as the salt vampire from the TOS episode "The Man Trap" holds up a Giant Silver Tribble.
Even salt vampires are pleased to make the acquaintance of the Tribbles. Don't worry, we had plenty of salt tablets to keep everyone at our booth out of harm's way.


A bald man with his entire head painted purple holds up a fluffy silver Tribble in one hand and wears a golden Infinity Gauntlet on the other. He points with it at the Tribble.
We've discovered what type of pet Thanos would have if he were a Lower Decks admiral. Special thanks to Dan Davidson of the Trek Geeks for helping us sort that out.


A cosplayer dressed as "Punk on a Bus" from Star Trek IV sports a flaming orange beard and mohawk, and holds a fluffy silver Tribble in one hand and balances an inflatable radio over his shoulder with the other.
Excuse me, do you mind stopping that trilling noise? Good thing the Tribbles can't make the gesture that follows in the movie.


A cosplayer wearing a pink unicorn onesie with a white belly and a Gorn mask holds a Giant Silver Tribble and reaches toward the camera.
More Gorns! We bumped into an incredibly rare Uni-Gorn.


A cosplayer dressed as a Vulcan ambassador attempts to mind meld with a giant limited edition Tribble.

First contact has been made! This photo is paired with the next. These two walked around together all day long. Even their mannerisms were spot on.

A cosplayer dressed as Zephram Cochrane holds up a flask as an offering to a fluffy silver Tribble.

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