Tribble Cosplays - A Little Inspiration as We Resume Away Missions

Kayleigha in a Picardigan sweater with text reading: Get in the shuttlepod. It's time to go to the CONNN!!!!

This is a photo from five years ago when Jay and I were preparing to embark on a very early morning drive to Star Trek: Mission New York. I made this meme for no one in particular. I just wanted to celebrate that we were attending our second ever Star Trek convention. I was thrilled to be a part of the celebration, and not even a cheek swollen from recent gum surgery was going to keep me home. Star Trek was 50 years old that year.

Last year, due to the pandemic, we lost the opportunity to attend conventions and celebrate our fandom together. We all missed out on the hugs, the camaraderie, and the incredible creativity that our community brings to those gatherings. And we missed out on a lot of great cosplay. 

As places start opening back up and people start preparing to beam into convention centers again, I thought this would be a fun opportunity to share some of my favorite Tribble cosplays that Jay and I have put together over the past couple of years. We started doing these in 2019 to prepare for our first convention as a small licensed Star Trek business. We made the Tribbles of Vegas cosplay cards so that we would have something to pass out at STLV during the Tribble pre-sale. People loved them so much that upon returning home we immediately started brainstorming ideas for more Tribble cosplays. Soon the #TribblesInTrouble were reenacting all kinds of Star Trek scenes.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The Tribbles of Vegas postcards featuring Tribbles dressed as a slots player, a show girl, a magician, Elvis, and a couple in front of a Vegas church
These are the postcards that started it all. We still give them out from time to time.

A Tribble on top of a tall rock, ready to push a boulder down onto an action figure Gorn
The Gorn at Vasquez Rocks was one of the first scenes we re-created. I love the Gorn.

Tribbles wielding baatleths
Like any good Star Trek creator, we were sure to re-use the "Vasquez Rocks" set.

Two Tribbles, one in a purple sash, battling each other on a re-created of the Amok Time set
Then things went a little Amok. 

Jay holding an LED theatre light up over his head to point at a makeshift Tribble set
Here's what that setup actually looked like. 

Me (Kayleigha) with a Tribble on my head and a bar covered in Tribbles and Saurian brandy bottles
We made a lot of tiny props, including this Saurian brandy bottle.

A Tribble in Kirk's green wraparound uniform with the TOS version of a PADD
Jay made tiny Tribble uniforms for the Tribbles to cosplay at the Star Trek Tours set in Ticonderoga, New York. 

Tribbles dressed as Kirk and Spock playing chess
It was only logical to stop for a game of Three Dimensional Chess.

A Tribble dressed as Spock and a Tribble dressed as McCoy. They are evaluating a Tribble in a specimen jar in sick bay.
It got awkward when the McCoy Tribble told the Spock Tribble that he liked the Tribble in Sick Bay better.

A Tribble dressed as Scotty and a Tribble dressed as a Klingon sword fighting in engineering
There was a bit of trouble in Engineering. 

A Tribble dressed as Scotty in front of an Engineering panel
But Scotty got us back on track. 

Tribbles dressed as Spock and Uhura in front of a Vulcan lute
Uhura celebrated with a song.

A Tribble dressed as Spock in front of a Koloss prop
Spock even made a new friend. 

For more great Tribble cosplay images be sure to follow us, and the #TribblesInTrouble, on social media. Don't forget to send us suggestions for scenes or outfits that you would like to see the Tribbles re-create.



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