A silver Science Division App-enabled Star Trek Tribble with a blue Star Trek tag.
A person in a yellow Discovery-era Enterprise uniform holds a big fluffy silver Tribble. Another hand demonstrates pushing a button on the app. It looks like an LCARS display.
A set of hands places a fluffy silver Tribble on a pizza box and then taps the "Watchdog" button in the Tribble app. When a woman in a pink jacket lifts the lid to steal the pizza, the Tribble screams at her.
Featuring LCARS graphic in honor of the "Trials and Tribble-ations" season 5, episode 6 DS9 episode
A photograph of the app and the electronics box inside a silver Tribble
Free Tribbles of Vegas cosplay cards with every order. While supplies last. image shows a pile of postcards featuring Tribbles dressed up in various Vegas-themed cosplays. They include a show girl, magician, Elvis impersonator, bridge and groom, and a woman playing slots.

Star Trek™ Silver App-enabled Tribble

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Size:  5" tall and 8" across

Color: Silver/grey

Batteries: 3 AA batteries (not included)  

Key Features

• THE REAL McCOY: super soft with screen-accurate sounds. 

• 3 LIFELIKE MODES: Guards your stuff (screams when moved), searches for Klingons (screams or trills when moved), or stays calm (trills when moved, and also on its own).

RESPONDS TO YOU: Trills (or screams) and vibrates when you movie it. 

• DISCRETE BATTERIES: Hidden velcro pouch hides the electronics box.

• FREE APP ( iOS/Android): Change modes (app not required to do so), adjust volume and vibration, name your Tribble, and make it scream ON COMMAND.

Screams on Command! 

A person (viewed as just a torso) in a yellow TOS command uniform strokes a large fluffy silver Tribble, which trills in response. Another person, viewed as just a hand, taps the "attack" button in the app on a phone. The Tribble screams at the person holding it. Big letters read KLINGON!

Free App

Section K-7 app for the Star Trek App-enabled Tribble - Science Division

• Change modes

• Assign your Tribble(s) to a ship or space station

• Name your Tribble(s)

• Adjust your Tribble(s)'s volume and vibration

• Command your Tribble(s) to scream at anyone on command

The app can control multiple Tribbles at once. You can also change modes without the app.


Our Story

Kayleigha from Science Division, a young white woman with long dark hair and hazel eyes, laughs and looks up as she balances a fluffy silver Tribble on her head. She wears a yellow command uniform from the Discovery-era Enterprise.

How did we get our start?
The two of us built the first App-enabled Tribble at home from a micro controller and electronics modules because Kayleigha wanted a real pet Tribble. CBS loved it so much that they granted us a license to develop and share our pet Tribbles with other fans.

Why do we love what we do?
We get to make Star Trek real. There's nothing like seeing someone's eyes light up when they hold one of our Tribbles for the first time.

What makes our products unique?
They are created to meet the most exacting fan standards--our own. The app is pretty cool, too.

Licensed official collectibles.  Science Division is built by fans, for fans to bring science fiction to life by combining today's technologies with yesterday's dreams.


Mode Demos

At Ease: Trills/purrs when petted or moved, plus every once in awhile on its own--like it's really alive.


On Duty: Decides every time it is moved whether it was a friend or a Klingon who moved it, and trills or screams accordingly.


Watchdog: Screams whenever someone moves it. Set it on top of your Starfleet-issue gear to keep the gear safe.


Press Reviews

TrekMovie.com: "You could say that Science Division’s toy is the Ferrari of tribble toys. " 

Bleeding Cool: "This is, at least in our opinion, the end-all-be-all Tribble you need for your Star Trek collection." 

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Jacqueline M.
United States United States


It was kind of huge. Not what I expected. Wish it visually vibrated but can’t have everything! Overall it’s nice. Love having it in my collection! Live long and prosper!

John B.
United States United States

Old Man Tribble

very fun tribble. sorry about the licensing issues, glad to get one while I could

Michael A.
United States United States


I purchased one if your first Tribbles, when you started. Thought it was a very well made and unique ST Replica. Had wanted additional colors and jumped at the opportunity to purchase this silver one. Just as awesome as the first. Sad to see that your journey has ended.

Bruce L.
United States United States

Love my tribbles!!

Great security system I always know when someone else sits at my desk by my computer, they must all be Klingons from the tribbles reaction!!!

Daniel K.
United States United States

Very Soft Realistic Tribble

Excellent. This is my fourth Tribble purchased (adopted) from Science Division and they're all great! Very realistic...a genuine live Startrek Tribble...I can't tell so I assume they're the real thing. That cooing sounds so cute especially when all of them are doing it together. After obtaining my 4th one, I'd highly recommend purchasing (adopting) a real fuzzy soft boofy Tribble (or 2, or 2, or 4) from Science Division.