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A Tribble Built from Scratch

Science Division LLC is co-founded and co-owned by a husband and wife team with a passion for science fiction. 


Jay and Kayleigha with Tribbles on the Transporter pad


Kayleigha and her sister play with a recreation of the Enterprise bridge

Science Div Panel Highlights - Star Trek Las Vegas 2019

Our Journey

This project began as a running joke between Kayleigha and her dad. "Wouldn't it be funny if someone made a Tribble that you could set off on your friends like they were Klingons?!" One day, we (Kayleigha and Jay) finally decided to build one.

Wires in a breadboard
Kayleigha set to work learning C++ coding from internet tutorials (thank you, internet!). One by one, she got the components working, and painstakingly combined their functions into the Tribble's code. 
Mess of cables
The mass of breadboards and cables connecting all of the components sprawled across the entire living room. We literally had to crawl over a card table of electronics parts to get into the room.
Arduino chips in a pelican case
That's where Jay comes in.
Jay drafted a prototyping chip layout that would allow all of those pieces to fit neatly stacked together into one little case. He mapped it all out, soldered it together, and the first Tribble came into being. 
Kayleigha and her sister as kids in Star Trek uniforms
Since then, we have worked to convert that initial prototype it into actual interactive Tribbles that will turn a childhood dream into a reality--not just for the kid in Kayleigha, but for all of us for whom Star Trek is a way of life. 

Meet the Crew

Captain Kayleigha

Kayleigha - Co-founder/Co-owner

Kayleigha grew up in a Star Trek household. Her backyard playhouse was a mock-up of the Enterprise helm, complete with a trap door though which aliens (Dad) could beam onto the bridge. As a kid, she made her first Tribble, Snowball, out of faux fur left over from her bunny Halloween costume. Since then, Kayleigha has dreamed of owning a real life pet Tribble. And so, years later, she and her husband, Jay, founded Science Division.

Jay - Co-founder/Co-owner

Jay married into a Star Trek family. A lifelong nerd and lover of sci-fi, video games, and that other space movie, Jay immediately fit right in. Since discovering Star Trek, Jay has piloted many an away mission to Star Trek conventions and events all over the East and West Coasts. Gifted with a scientific mind and great technological skill, Jay is the entire Science Division Engineering (IT) department.   

Captain Jay


Moon - Our Number One 

Moon (short for Moonshine) is our beloved Australian Shepherd. He enjoys treats, naps, and long walks through the neighborhood (Moon walks). We adopted him a year ago, shortened his name to Moon, and never looked back. He loves watching Star Trek with us!