Tribble Support

Download the Section K-7 App for free from the Google Play and App Stores. 

You can play with your Tribble without the app by using the Mode button on the electronics box to change modes.

View a PDF version of the Tribble Manual in English and French

Tribble Modes

At Ease: Your Tribble is not searching for Klingons. It will trill and vibrate to acknowledge you when you interact with it. When left alone, your Tribble will continue to trill, but will do so less frequently to avoid irritating its human companion. 

On Duty: Your Tribble will begin actively seeking Klingon agents. Pass it around to determine who is an ally, and who is an enemy among us. Each time you move it, your Tribble will either trill or scream.

Watchdog: Starfleet is entrusting you with sensitive Federation intelligence, which must be secured at all times. If you must leave data unattended, set your Tribble on top of the object that you wish to protect. If a Klingon agent attempts to retrieve that object, your Tribble will alert you! Your Tribble will scream every time it is moved. 

App Assistance

This video demonstrates how to pair your Tribble and play with it using the Section K-7 app:


1. Make sure that Bluetooth® is enabled on your smart device.

2. Make sure that you do not have the app open on another device. 

3. Try restarting the app and the Tribble.

4. If your device is not locating a Tribble that you have previously paired:

  • Make sure that Tribble is selected on the Assignments page. The box to the left of the Tribble name should have an X in it. Tap the Tribble name to select or de-select it.
  • Try holding down the mode button on the Tribble electronics box until the blue light flashes to enter pairing mode manually.
  • If your Tribble still won't connect, delete the Tribble from the app and re-pair it.

 For further assistance, contact us at



 Settings directs you to the CREW page, where you can pair a new Tribble.

Tap the mode buttons to select a mode for your Tribble: 

  • At Ease: Your Tribble is not searching for Klingons. 
  • On Duty: Your Tribble will begin actively seeking hidden Klingon agents.
  • Watchdog: Your Tribble will guard any item that you set it on by screaming at anyone who tries to pick it up. 

The MISSION ROSTER box shows paired Tribbles. Check the box to the left of each Tribble that you wish to control. Its mode will be indicated by the color of the circle on the right. If the circle is grey, then the Tribble is not currently connected. Tap that Tribble to tell the app to connect to it. 

ATTACK triggers your Tribble to scream at whomever is holding it.



Crew Page

Currently paired Tribbles are shown in the top box.

Tap a Tribble's name to change it.

Tap the X icon at the top right corner of a Tribble bar to delete that Tribble.

Slide the speaker icon to change the volume of your Tribble.

PAIR NEW directs you to the Pairing screen.

Choose Ship allows you to assign your Tribble to a spaceship or starbase (see Choose Ship below). 

Adopt or Get Help directs you to this page. 

View Supporters displays the names of those who supported Science Division during our pre-sale period. These folks made the Tribbles possible!



Pairing Screen

When this page is open, the app is actively looking for Tribbles to pair with.

Usually the app will find a new Tribble automatically if the Tribble is on and not connected to another device.

If the app does not locate it automatically, press and hold the Mode button on your Tribble until the blue LED begins to flash. 

The app will discover your Tribble and add it to the Crew page. 



Choose ship  

This pop-up on the CREW page allows you to assign your Tribble to a ship or starbase.

Tap the assignment you choose. That ship will appear as the icon for At Ease mode on the Assignments page

Low Batteries

 Is your Tribble making this sound?
It's hungry for Triple-Double-A's (three AA batteries). Change the batteries, and you should be all set. 

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