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The trouble with most Tribble toys is that they’re more like furry decorations than futuristic pets. That changes with Science Division’s new line of interactive Tribbles, modeled after the classic Star Trek critters. Using next-gen Bluetooth science, these fuzzballs can interact with their owners after being paired with a free app available for most mobile devices. After naming your Tribble and assigning it to a Starfleet vessel or space station, you can toggle between three different modes: “At Ease,” offers maximum cuteness as the Tribble gently trills for your attention, while “On Duty” and “Watchdog” put it on its guard against rogue Klingon agents. And if it thinks it’s found one, it’ll raise quite the ruckus. Here’s the best news about this particular breed of Tribble: Unlike their onscreen counterparts, they don’t spontaneously reproduce. — E.A.


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