Tribble FAQ

1. How are these Tribbles different from the one(s) I already have? 

They are the most lifelike Tribbles ever made!

  • These one of a kind Tribbles were specially designed to respond to you as though they are living, breathing pets. 


They have 3 modes, so you can decide how you want to play.

    • At Ease: Your Tribble trills/purrs when you pet it or move it, but it also trills/purrs every once in awhile on its own, just to let you know it's there.

    • On Duty: Every time it is moved your Tribble decides if a friend or a Klingon moved it. It purrs/trills or screams accordingly.

    • Watchdog: Your Tribble will scream if someone moves it. Set it on top of something you want it to guard.


They interface with the free Section K-7 companion app to make it easier than ever to change modes.

  • The app allows you to change volume and vibration settings, name your Tribble, assign your Tribble to a TOS or DS9 starship or star base, and make your Tribble scream at people on command.    


2. Do they reproduce?

No. Thanks to Dr. McCoy's research in the field of Tribble metabolic serums, Science Division Tribbles do not reproduce. Tribbles are not dangerous! 


3. Do I have to use the app to interact with my Tribble?

Nope. You can change modes without the app using the mode button on the electronics box. 


4. Where can I download the free Section K-7 app? 

App Store

Google Play


5. Are other colors available? 

We recently sold out of our tan Tribbles. We currently have silver and giant silver Tribbles in stock.


6. Are these Tribbles officially licensed? 

Yes. We are officially licensed by ViacomCBS/Paramount to produce and distribute our App-enabled Tribbles. 


7. How much is shipping? 

U.S. - $4 Flat rate via USPS Priority Mail® or UPS® Ground. Additional shipping options are available at checkout.

International - We can ship internationally via our Etsy storefront. Please click here to purchase a Tribble from the UK.


8. How do I ask a question or get help with the website or app?

You can contact me (Kayleigha) directly at

View a PDF version of the Tribble Manual in English and French


Click here for answers to common app-related questions.