Tribble Trivia

Tribble talk and Trivia hosted by Science Division and "Dr Trek" Larry Nemecek on Friday, October 9th at 8pm ET

Join us Friday, October 9th

8pm ET

"Dr Trek" himself, Larry Nemecek of Trekland and Portal 47, will join Jay and Kayleigha of Science Division to host a brief Zoom-based fan panel about Tribbles and their appearances in Star Trek.

Zoom meeting link:


Then, join us for Tribble-themed trivia!

We'll play using Kahoot! It's a free quiz platform. You don't need to download anything or create an account to play.

How do I join the quiz?

1. You will need two screens. This can either be two windows on your computer, or two devices. 

One screen will be the Zoom meeting and the other will be how you answer the trivia questions. 

2. You can join a Kahoot! quiz here. We will also post the link in the chat during the Zoom meeting. 

3. We will share the game pin during the meeting so that all the participants can join.

4. Enter the pin, create a player name, and we'll be off and running!

How does the quiz work?

1. We will be screen sharing the questions in Zoom as Larry reads them off. 

2. In your second browser window (the one with Kahoot!) or on your smart device, select the corresponding answer. Your answer will be recorded by Kahoot!

Kahoot! will automatically keep track of and report who is winning.

What if I win?

1. Take a screenshot of your Kahoot! screen showing that you are the winner and email it with your name and address. This will help us verify the winner and it will tell us where to send the prize!

Notice: ViacomCBS is not affiliated with this event. It is not an official Star Trek event.