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Attack demo with Spock image
At Ease Demo with Uhura Image
Watchdog demo with Kirk image
On Duty demo with Klingons image
Star Trek™ App-Enabled Interactive Tribble

Star Trek™ App-Enabled Interactive Tribble

Science Division LLC
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These classic collectibles are the first of their kind!Living App-enabled Tribbles interact with you as though they are real pet Tribbles and interface with the FREE Section K-7 app.
Change modes, assign your Tribble(s) to a ship or space station, name your Tribble(s), adjust your Tribble(s)’s volume, AND trigger your Tribble(s) to scream at friends and family members on command.

Size: 5" tall and 8" across.

Classic tan/brown

Batteries: Each Tribble requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included. 

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Three modes PLUS an ATTACK! button-- 

the most versatile and lifelike Tribbles ever!

At ease mode demo
Attack mode demo
At Ease: Your Tribble will trill each time you move it. It will also trill on its own without being picked up because, well, it's a Tribble.

Attack!: In any mode, make it scream at your friends from the app.

On duty mode demo
Watchdog mode demo

On Duty: Each time it moves, your Tribble will trill when it meets a friend, but it will scream if it detects a Klingon! 

 Watchdog: Set your Tribble on top of an object that you wish to protect. If someone moves it, your Tribble will scream! 



Images of pages from the Section K-7 app

TrekMovie.com: "You could say that Science Division’s toy is the Ferrari of tribble toys. " - Kayla Iacovino  

Bleeding Cool: "This is, at least in our opinion, the end-all-be-all Tribble you need for your Star Trek collection." - Gavin Sheehan

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Christian L.
United States United States
A Dream Come True

Science Division has made this trekkie's dream come true! Their tribble is perfect—the right size, texture, color—and its interactive sounds and vibrations are the cherry on top! I love that it is app enabled, allowing me to surprise friends and family at the push of a button from my phone. And as for the app, I love it. Its 8-bit illustrations combined with the classic LCARS of 90s Trek is so nostalgic to me. You won't regret buying this tribble, and you won't want to get a tribble anywhere else. Last but not least, Science Division's staff has incredibly helpful and kind and generous, and for that alone they deserve your business.

United States United States
Unbelievably Amazing

I was ready for this to be a novelty item that sat on my shelf and looked cute, maybe occasionally breaking it out to show visitors. However, I LOVE playing with this sweet little creature. The fur is so soft and comforting and the coos? Forget it. They make me so happy! It was a great purchase and I'm really excited to support such a well-made, enjoyable product!

United States United States
Best tribble on the market

It’s one of those things you don’t know you need until it exists. I have seen dozens of Tribbles at cons and such, but I never though of making one that actually interacts with you like a real pet. And then they made one! If you’ve ever wanted your own pet tribble, this is as good as you can ever dream. Plus, the couple running things are amazing!