Star Trek App-enabled Tribble - Science Division
Star Trek App-enabled Tribble - Science Division
Kayleigha with a Star Trek App-enabled Tribble - Science Division
Star Trek App-enabled Tribble - Science Division

Star Trek™ App-Enabled Interactive Tribble

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Key Features

• 3 modes for customizable interaction
• Responds to you when you move it
• Screen-accurate sounds
• Vibrates like its purring
• Detects Klingons
• Interfaces with a free iOS/Android app
• Screams at people on command
• Super soft
• Goes to sleep after an hour to save energy
• Won't reproduce
• Made by fans, for fans

• The ultimate Star Trek™ collectible


The perfect gift for the Star Trek™ lover in your life (or yourself)

New app-enabled Tribbles are a Trek-lover's dream come true. These Star Trek pets are the softest and most lifelike Tribbles available.

They respond to your movement with gentle trills, and they vibrate softly like they're purring--until they detect a Klingon!

They'll even scream on command at friends, family members, and co-workers. Fully-licensed and created by fans, for fans. Trouble's never been this fun!™ 



Size:  5" tall and 8" across

Color: Classic tan/brown

Batteries: Each Tribble requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included.  

Age: 6+ 


Thanks to Dr. McCoy's research in the field of Tribble metabolic serums, Science Division Tribbles do not reproduce. Tribbles are not dangerous! 

Shipping: Flat rate $4 shipping to the United States. We offer calculated rates to Canada, Germany, and Australia.*

*Please note that due to COVID-19 shipping times may take longer than usual. 


ATTACK! function 

Command your Tribble to scream at anyone at any time in any mode.

Free app to make controlling your Tribble easier than ever

Change modes, assign your Tribble(s) to a ship or space station, name your Tribble(s), adjust your Tribble(s)'s volume, AND command your Tribble(s) to scream at anyone on command--all with the tap of a button.

Section K-7 app for the Star Trek App-enabled Tribble - Science Division



Mode Demos

At Ease: Trills/purrs when petted or moved, plus every once in awhile on its own--like it's really alive.


On Duty: Decides every time it is moved whether it was a friend or a Klingon who moved it, and trills or screams accordingly.


Watchdog: Screams whenever someone moves it. Set it on top of your Starfleet-issue gear to keep the gear safe.


Reviews "You could say that Science Division’s toy is the Ferrari of tribble toys. " - Kayla Iacovino  

Bleeding Cool: "This is, at least in our opinion, the end-all-be-all Tribble you need for your Star Trek collection." - Gavin Sheehan

Customer Reviews
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Michael S.
Canada Canada

Exactly as described. Lots of fun.

Jody S.
United States United States
I Love It!

This little guy is so awesome! The trilling sounds are authentic to the shows and very soothing. The app used to control it is very user friendly. I definitely recommend this for all Trek fans out there, no matter which show you like the most, as you will greatly enjoy it. I am hoping for tribbles in different colors and would gladly purchase more if this becomes available. Thank you Science Division for your creativity! LLAP

Robert C.
United States United States
Finally, a REAL Tribble (well, close enough!)

I received my Tribble in the post this morning and I am absolutely over the moons of Nibia! I have purchased other Tribbles in the past including large electronic models but none of them compare to this one. It's larger and softer for one thing, so it is an absolute JOY to sit and stroke. Better yet, it will happily sit and randomly purr from time to time with no input from you. The interactivity via the companion app is so much fun and it is really great to have more control over whether your Tribble purrs or squeals - something which is sorely lacking in other Tribbles out there. I can't wait to get my uniform on and take my new Tribble out to conventions! These Tribbles are clearly the result of a labour of love on the part of Science Division and I'm sure Cyrano Jones would be proud (and disappointed he isn't getting a cut)! If you are a Star Trek fan, you absolutely need one of these Tribbles in your life! Thank you, Science Division...LLAP!!

Tony D. Vernola
United States United States
Super awesome and adorable

This is one of the most awesome Star Trek-based items I have ever purchased! It is soft, it is interactive, and it is exactly the way I remember tribble being!!!!

Nick G.
United States United States
I love my tribble, Dave!

Awesome. I love having Dave coo softly in the background while I work from home. Dave hasn't detected any Klingons yet but has managed to perplex the cat... so win-win!