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  • App-Enabled Tribbles!

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  • Control your Tribble from your smart device!

App-Enabled Tribbles!

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Free app!

Control your Tribble from your smart device!

Tribbles have arrived!

Thank you all for your patience as we have worked tirelessly to get the Tribbles here so that we can beam them to their new homes. 

We are currently prepping Tribbles for shipment. If you ordered a Tribble, you will receive a notification via the e-mail address that you provided to let you know when your order has shipped. 

We won't be able to ship them all at once, so please be patient.

Once all pre-orders have shipped, we will begin a regular shipment schedule.

If your address has changed since you placed your order, and you have not been in contact with us to let us know, please reach out right away to support@sciencediv.com

App-Enabled and Truly Alive!

At Ease

In At Ease mode, each time you pick up your Tribble, it will acknowledge you with a trill and gentle vibration. Leave it sitting next to you, and it will trill every so often to let you know that it is alive. 

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Make your Tribble scream at a friend as though they are Klingon! The Attack button in the app works no matter which mode your Tribble is in.

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On Duty

In On Duty mode, each time you move your Tribble it will determine if you are a Klingon or not. It will trill or scream accordingly.

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In Watchdog mode, your Tribble screams every time it is moved. Place it on top of something that you want it to guard, and it will scream at anyone who interferes with that object.

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