The Science Division Bag of Holding

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Also, it's full of Tribble-themed gifts.

Kayleigha on the Enterprise bridge holding a Tribble

REAL pet Tribbles created by fans, for fans

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"The trouble with most Tribble toys is that they’re more like furry decorations than futuristic pets. That changes with Science Division’s new line of interactive Tribbles..."

Yahoo! Entertainment

"This is, at least in our opinion, the end-all-be-all Tribble you need for your Star Trek collection."

Bleeding Cool

"You could say that Science Division’s toy is the Ferrari of tribble toys. "

"In short, these Tribbles are so much like the real thing; the only thing it won’t do is multiply and take over your home!"

Trek Report

"[Science Division Tribbles] are softer than Harry Mudd's hairline! No Star Trek collection is complete without one of these fantastic little fuzzies guarding its ranks! They're seriously unlike anything you've ever seen!" 

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